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God communicated with man. At first God tried to communicate with man through acts of history. God dealing with man in history produced the written scriptures.

But even so, this was not enough. Something else need to be done. If you had the job of telling a hill of ants to move their their home some place else because you were going to use the land for something else, how would you get the word out to these bunches of ants?

Would you stand there and bend your head down and shout in a loud voice what you wanted to say to the ants? Would you jump up and down and stake the earth to get their attention? How would you get your message across to these creatures?

The best way would to become an ant yourself , live among the residents of the ant hill until they got to know you and then reveal to them who you were and what you want them to do.

God decided to do the same thing toward us. He acted in our history. He spoke to us trough prophets. Finally He became one of us, lived among us. After letting them get to know Him, He gave them His message.

God’s Speaking

God’s voice to us should be recognized by the people He loves. Literally everyone. This course will teach you to single out the voice of God from the many voices trying to get your attention.

Download Knowing God’s voice cource here.

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