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Since you have became a faithful follower of Jesus, He, Jesus, has given to you and entrusted you with certain Spiritual assets and He expects you to account to Him at the great white throne judgment how you have managed the assets He gave you.

What is expected

Exactly what is expected from you is no secret. The details of Christian management or stewardship is found in the scriptures

Problems Encountered

Serious problems become apparent when you as a Christian leader fail to effectively manage the resources entrusted to you. If you are in position to manage Christian assets and have little help then you will benifit greatly from this course. This course will help you to become efficient in mobilizing and organizing what is at hand for the use of the Church they should be properly organized and mobilized.

Management Skills

This course will go a long ways to greatly enable you to become biblically efficient in management of the assets that you have at hand. Decision making, asset organization, and conflict resolution is covered Guidelines for training leaders are given special attention.

Download Biblical Management Principles cource here.

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